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Monday, November 19, 2012

Get A Grip

 You would think that being in my fifties, been around the block, learned my lesson, etc I would be used to the ups and downs of life. We all have times where the end is near, all is bleak and barren - one more thing slung across your already overburdened shoulders, why me.  And yes, we are going through a spell - I think sometimes it seems like it happens to me more because I write down everything that happens, pretty much. Adam is having to move back home, the new car I got had to go in for a recall, the used van David bought has broken down not once but TWICE, my dog is still dead and Claw the Evil Cat lives on. Because David has been without a vehicle he's behind on the house, he forgot to make the reservations at the hotel near Ray which is full full full so we have to stay at one we are not familiar with. Work is it's own stressor, my weight is stalled. But after I write it down, it is not so bad. Adam has already been in contact and transferred his transcripts to WVU - it will be nice to have him near for awhile. And since we're so close to Pittsburgh I think he'll eventually like it here. I still have a dog - Reuben Boobin who had his first real walk with friends Charlene and her dogs Sophie and Libby. I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would, I miss Pearl and I kept thinking about how much she had loved our walks with our pals - but Reuben really enjoyed it too and I was glad to see how well he did as there were a lot of other people in the park. My car was fixed and so was David's - shit happens. Work will straighten out - or it won't - my weight is my own fault, no one else's. I have very much strayed off my diet, these pounds are no mystery no matter how much I like to pretend I don't have any idea how that happened. It happened one brownie at a time. I am taking time off from going to meetings for now - too much going and honestly, I'm a little bored. I am going to keep the etools for a while longer, they're only $15 a month and do really help keep things under control. I'm looking forward to our trip to see Ray, it's only for a couple of days, but it will be nice to get away and to see him - I  know he's excited about seeing us too. When Jackson comes home with his fiancee we will be returning to NJ to introduce her to him. I am currently working on my garden, I have half the soil turned and when I'm done with that I'll be raking it and clearing out the roots. My compost pile is a favorite of the deer, I just turn what ever they don't eat. It's getting cold and I don't begrudge my leftovers to anyone. So all in all, that's it. I have about 20 more slow going rows to my shawl, then it will be socks for awhile!

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