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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weirdness, Thy Name Is Reuben

 Although we miss Pearl, dreadfully at times, we still have Reuben and typical of his breed he's turning into one strange dude.  He still refuses to walk to the truck, goes limp at the first sign of danger and has a very odd relationship with Claw The Evil Cat. He sneaky licks her ears and darts away, a life of danger for him. He's so big we forget he's actually only 9 months old so he has this big adult dog body with a puppy's trepidation and full out excitement - the slightest movement in the morning brings spasms of joy and General Leaping About.  He developed a rash a couple of weeks ago, got better, got worse, went, came back. It came back very itchy this week so David took Reuben to the vet's, who said he's probably allergic to something, may stop on its own and gave prednisone to make it better. David gave Reuben one in the morning and then after mulling it over - gave him one before bed. Bad idea. Reuben bunks in with us now so he's not lonely - in the middle towards the bottom.  Here was the problem - Reuben is a big puppy which means he still piddles out his weight daily. Reuben, when not awake sleeps hard, you could probably sneak him up on the roof without him waking up. One of the side effects of prednisone is well, it makes you pee. A lot. Hmm. He must have woken up at some point because when David hysterically rousted us both out of the bed he was no where in sight. Who could blame him, since the bed just about floating down the hall, cold and wet - heck, Reuben was in the guest room leaving us to fend for ourselves. We were laughing later because he obviously had no idea who had wet the bed and kept giving us the hairy eyeball - someone needs a little bladder training in his opinion. He was thrilled that we had decided to get up around 3:45 - heck might as well put the coffee on and let the dog out! Fortunately it didn't get through the mattress so it was a lot of laundry this morning - the blankets are washable, Reuben is washable. He's doing wonderful hunting, for a 9 month old puppy he's a powerhouse now, he'll be amazing next year. He's getting over his carsickness too, growing up. I'm hoping we can do a little hiking tomorrow, every time I plan on it a hurricane springs up, it snows, rains thunders. The temperatures are still down, but not too bad. David is going to the rental house tomorrow, due to the snow and lack of electricity he has not been able to get any work done on it for the past few days but plans on picking up the pace. I continue to slave away on my shawl, I have one more repeat of a chart but it's 24 rows and is just about killing me. I don't think anyone has ever died though, from overdosing on Chart Five. Hmm.

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Donna said...

I'm sorry, but I am laughing out loud at this tale of woe.