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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Go A-Weigh!

Well - that was an unwelcome surprise. I went a half pound over my goal weight at Weight Watchers - and had to pay. Ouch! If I lose it at weigh in next week I go back to being a Free Bee, if not it's back to the bleachers. I wasn't surprised by the way - I know I've been sneaking towards weightness, one Little Debbie at a time. I think the hard part of keeping it off is it's not like you won the Heisman Trophy and put it on your shelf for smug looking at. You don't ever get to be "done". I had lost about 8 pounds below to give myself a barrier between here and not there. The barrier went by the wayside awhile ago, over the wall time now. So, it's back to the beginning I suppose - less Little Debbie's and more salad. It's other things too - stress, worry, changes, potential changes - but getting fat is not going to solve those problems, is it? And really eating crap only makes you feel good, well, while you're eating it. Then it's all Regrets and Bellyaches. In other news there is not much to tell. The power is back on at the other house and David has been busy ripping things up and out, scrubbing the thick gooey nicotine off the walls, pulling up the rugs and painting the walls. He's been cruising Craig's List for appliances  - half of the rugs for the larger areas have been bought on clearance - 16 cents a square foot baby! I'll be glad when it's done. David also traded in his truck for a utility van that gets over double the mileage. The truck had reached the point where it was starting to cost serious money - and with over 200,000 and getting only 12 miles to the gallon it was a money pit. October was a rough month, but now that we're heading into November I'm hoping things will start to look up again.

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