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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Love My Phone. And My TV Set. And My Ereader

 David was being very prissy the other morning, I wanted to show him how to switch from Roku to Dish and he very snotty said " I don't have to watch TV all the time like some people". This would have had more impact had he not been surfing Face book. But I am not shy about admitting it - I LOVE having Internet on my phone, my ereader app, Netflix and You Tube. I  was trying to turn the sound on for the voicemail and somehow managed to turn on ALL the sounds so now my phone twinkles, zings and bingles when someone face books me, emails, makes a word, calls, updates or texts - I think it even makes a noise if an angel gets their wings. My TV set is my other obsession - LOVE IT! I am watching ALL the seasons of the Biggest Loser when I work out in the morning, the Fab Five grace my presence at dinner time, Science Fiction Mystery Theater 3000 is still super funny. We watch Frasier every morning skip the stupid episodes, movies whenever we want. You can also stop it if you need to run upstairs for something. I still am using my ereader of course, I've cut down on buying books since I can't read what I have now. Really like buying the bundle books - the whole series in one shot. Don't like looking for them though because if you put the word "bundle" in the search you get the series bundles plus a lot of bondage books. Somehow it's very strange to see my Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove books next to Stepbrother's Little Secret Fetish trilogy. But I manage to weed through. I haven't had too much time to read lately, we've been busy dancing around outside, I do love the fall. I've been turning the soil in my garden by hand - it gives me something to do in the morning while Reuben makes his rounds. Next year I am going to have the BEST stinkin garden anyone has ever seen and I will grow recognizable things too.  If it's nice this weekend we will be walking with Charlene and Libby at the park, that will be a little sad without Pearl - how she loved her walks with her friends! - but it will be nice to see Charlene and for Reuben to be a friend. Live changes, on you go. Reuben continues to grow and be funny - I'm so glad we have him, I don't think we would be handling Pearl's death as well if we didn't have Reuben to distract. My car has to go back to the dealer this Friday for a minor recall, oh well. Such is life.

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