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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Not me sillies - the blog! I went to post pictures the other night and much to my amazement I am out of free space. Google wants me to buy space for my pictures and I just can't see paying $5 a month to have pictures - especially with all the free blogs floating around in cyberspace. I'm not sure if I'll be linking or moving, I suppose it depends on how hard it will be to move it. It's pretty big, I've been blogging on this journal since 2004 - can you believe that?? I lost the pictures when I moved it from AOL to Blogger - I hate to lose stuff on it again. But I can't NOT blog - my entire life I've written it down. I had diaries from the time I was 8 or 9 until my 30's -  my first diary had a little tiny key and lock, I loved it like nothing else. I burned the diaries from my childhood and being a teenager, some years don't need to be relived. I have the ones from my adulthood somewhere, the rest is online.  So I need to figure out where I want to go, I have one set up on Livejournal which will most likely be the new home for me.
In other news our trip to NJ went very well, we left super early Thanksgiving, checked in to the hotel by noon and off to Ray's. We had dinner at the Arlington Diner - the food was great and our waiter was funny, but we wanted to give him a drink! I think he started going into the DT's midway through, people that are serving hot food should NOT be having the shakes. And I think he made my Tom Collins the way he wanted it, WOW is all I have to say. But we enjoyed it all the way through. The next day despite Ray's protests we went to see Civil war houses - Ray by the way cancels us constantly. He just doesn't like change so we make plans and he cancels. We uncancel ourselves, he cancels us again. Actually we just sort of ignore him - he stops as soon as we get where we're going. We had a great time taking pictures and walking - then we did Barnes and Nobles in Hackensack NJ which I know Ray loved, who doesn't like a new bookstore you've never shopped? After we tried to do the Cheese cake Factory but it was so crowded so we ended up at an unexpected seafood restaurant. It was beautiful, the food was top notch and the waiter had a steady hand, what more could you ask? Ray and I had the most amazing wine, I wish I'd asked what it was. We had a few glasses because quite frankly David was driving - too bad too sad! The next morning we went out to breakfast with Ray before leaving, making plans for Jackson's visit in January. On the way back we stopped in Bethlehem PA so I could go to the Knitters Edge and Wegmans. The only thing that sucked was when we hit Washington on I-70 the traffic backed up so badly it would have made the Belt Parkway at rush hour proud! It was killing me - we were overtired, dying to get home and we just c-r-a-w-l-e-e-e-d towards home, it must have taken an hour and a half to go about 5 miles - then it broke up and off we went. We picked up Reuben from the kennel the next day, I'm pretty sure he thinks he was incarcerated in a prison over the border but recovered quickly. So that was our trip - on Facebook I have about 50 picture posted so if you're that interested you can friend me. Otherwise you'll have to wait for the Big Move.


Donna said...

You can make a new email (a new self). You can invite your new self to take part in your blog by email. Then you can sign out of your real, original self and sign in as your new self and post pictures until SHE runs out. Then you make a third self and email.
I've been doing it for quite a while, although I am only on my second self.

Julia said...

Donna I would need a few more details to figure this one out. But if I can do it, I would love to and not have to move the blog again.