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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Budgeteer

 We're getting better at it - I think. We still feel like we're spending too much - and probably are - but I think we were spending a lot more before we started keeping track. Like I've said before, when you have to write down every dime you lay out, it makes you think before you do it. I did the shopping today - David is working on the Bruceton Mills house today - we do seem to spend much less if we take turns doing the shopping instead of going together.  We've also stopped all the during the week shopping, it all gets done on the weekend and we buy enough to make through the entire week.  I now have Hulu Plus and Netflix for the TV and we invested in a second Roku for the upstairs TV. It was about $60 but well worth it - instead of going up a couple tiers on the DISH we spend a total of $16 a month on all the TV shows and movies you can watch - including all the ones they don't show anymore. If you're not familiar with Roku - its an Internet streaming device you hook up to your TV set - you can stream TV shows and movies for a fraction of the cost of cable - all you need is wireless Internet and you're in. The basic unit is about $60 and the set up is essentially taking an HDMI cable and attaching it to the TV and the Roku - nothing to it! I am totally thrilled.  We have budgeted in $25 a week for things we want - and we're sticking to it. Bloomin Yarns closed this week but with all the deep discounts  I only spent $16. I can not tell you how much I'm going to miss that store, the people that work there and the yarn of course. But it comes at a good time as I really don't need anymore knitting stuff. So I say of course. Need and Want are two different things but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. We've heard from Jackson - he's a happy camper these days and looking forward to moving to Tennessee, we're happy he's happy. He and Brittney will be here for a visit after Christmas so we're starting to plan for that. So many changes! Adam will be moving back here soon too, Norfolk is just not working out so he's coming home to begin again. With all the colleges and job opportunities here things will be easier for him but it will be hard for him to leave the place he's called home for the past five years. . And for us, we have things brewing too, all sorts of adjustments and changes. Reuben is more "our" dog - I still have my moments, today has been hard for some reason. We probably won't even start to think of getting another dog until the spring but I do miss having two dogs dreadfully, Reuben just seems like one half of my crew. I'm still working on the shawl, but moving towards the end, the pattern is completely buggered up but I don't care - it's just a different pattern now. I REFUSE to frog it and start again, I refuse! I'm reading of course, Feed by Mira Grant - a zombie novel , very immature I know - thank you for noticing!

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