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Friday, December 7, 2012

There Will Be No Cheaters Here!

 I am probably the poster child of why you should NOT buy over the counter cheaters and skip  a regular eye appointment.  I was tempted but knew I would need bifocals, and really - the appointment was $75, I've dropped more on a good yarn sale. I had some changes in my vision which is why I made the appointment in the first place - and the optometrist noticed some hinky goings on. I was sent to and  diagnosed by Dr. Fenghali the glaucoma specialist and it was found in the very early stages - before damage has started. My first appointment he decided to not treat right off the bat as it wasn't even really treatable - but this week on my 3 month follow up the pressure was not so good and the glaucoma is progressing. There is no problems with my sight yet but the doctor decided to skip the eye drops and go straight to laser treatment. The other very upside is it will delay my having to do daily eye drops for two to three years and of course, stop the damage from progressing. Going to the specialist is it's own brand of weird - my eyeballs get numbed and then I keep my eyes open while various objects are pressed on them. I can see it, but can't feel it. With the laser, your eye is kept wide open with this big lens and the laser shot to the exact place. Then you sit in the waiting room for about an hour or so so they can check the pressure before you leave. The treatment can cause it to skyrocket. David had to take the day off too as I couldn't drive after my zapping. He amused himself by watching TV and visiting the vending machine downstairs. I of course brought my knitting, I'm on the last row and a half and I figured I would be able to see well enough out of the other peeper. Speaking of peepers I was getting very peeped at from the receptionist's window - turns out there are knitters and crocheters in the office so I had to hold up my project and answers questions as to the weight of my yarn and the size of my needles. I've always brought my knitting if I know I'm going to be sitting  - it's like bees to a flower, if there's any knitters or crocheters in sight they can't help but come over to see what you have good. I was released after a recheck and given a prescription for  prednisone eye drops 4 times a day for 5 days and don't mess it up. I have to get the other eye done in a couple of weeks and even though I don't want to, I'm so grateful to be treated well before I have to worry about losing my sight - a good argument for going to the eye doctor, isn't it? We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond for a new footstool, Reuben has rendered the one I have not even up to Welfare Status so I was in the market for a new one. I had a coupon for 20% off but they only had really big ones which I don't need in my little house. I handed the coupon off to an instantly smiling person and got one at Target. I told a nurse I loved her scrubs too which made her smile. Why? Because when I was in Walmart the other night to pick up a couple things after work a girl and her mother were coming down the aisle. The girl pointed right at me and said really loudly "I really like that shirt you're wearing! It's really nice!" - she was totally serious and I smiled all the way home. I used to do that too to people, there is nothing so wonderful as an unexpected compliment so I'm going to try to say out loud when I really like something instead of thinking it in my head where no one can appreciate it.

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Donna said...

We don't say nice things enough, do we? We just let them float through our brain and disintegrate, when they could do so much good for someone!