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Saturday, December 8, 2012


 Adam arrived yesterday around 2pm, along with my glaucoma, buying the second house, David and his never ending Saga Of The Van which is an entry all on it's own, Adam is moving back home for the time being. Things were not working out in Norfolk and we thought it would be best if he came back here and did a full on Do Over. We had left the back door open as David was with me since I was told I was not to be driving after getting my eye lasered - given the fact I couldn't even take the gloomy daylight with a pair of heavy sunglasses I was grateful he was available to take me there and back, even if it did mean hanging out in the waiting room for most of the morning. But I digress. It took a lot for Adam to make this decision and even though it's only for a few months, it was still hard for him. But he had to admit it's too expensive for him to make a go of it, especially if he wants to go to college. Reuben is beyond delighted - he parks his butt next to Adam and last night disappeared on us. Such a little traitor - the first pretty face shows up and off he goes. It is fun having him here - last night was cheesy movies and pizza night, we watched the Wrath of Khan and a few other shows - they are way more fun when there's someone to watch. Of course I was watching from my dark corner of the living room, but I got to see. But there's the other side, he is really out of his element right now, I'm sure he misses his friends, his house, his life. But on the upside he's been in contact with his best friend from high school who happens to live in Pittsburgh, not 60 miles away - how's that for karma?He's been in contact with WVU who is going over his transcript and is currently at a job fair. Once he gets settled with all of that we can start looking for an inexpensive place for him to live. In the meantime he's going to help David finish the house if Bruceton Mills which David is very relieved about - this mess with the van has really put him behind the 8 ball and with Adam here he can get it done and rented. Other then that - not much going on (ha ha). I finished the shawl and it's busy blocking upstairs on the floor - it didn't come out like I hoped but it's in the shape of a shawl so I can live with that. I'm going to make some socks next,then who knows. We went to Clarksburg again today and this time I got to buy stuff at AC Moores. I also went to the Nest and scored the last skein of Madelene Tosh lace weight in Mica. The weekend will continue to be dreary I think as per the weather so no walking tomorrow I think. Oh well if we don't walk I think we'll decorate the house for Christmas.

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