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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sun Will Come Out Again.

 So despite the strum and strife, the drama....things have started on the upswing. A little - but we'll take it. We applied for a rescue dog in Ohio. I filled out the application and worried a bit - when David talked the foster home I was trying hard not to wave my hands or think he had said The Wrong Thing that would make them think we barbequed dogs on the weekend or wore dog fur outfits around. Because the dog in question - is a 3 year old female and she's a vizsla and we really want her. So today I called Rhonda, chairperson of the Miami Valley Vizsla Rescue to see if they got my application and was told to my delight - she had already spoken to the foster family and had reviewed my application  and we were in! We are picking her up after the 14th - we have a lot going on before then and it wouldn't be fair to start off our relationship like that. So happy! The end of the world is tomorrow from what I understand so not sure if any of this is going to pan out but we'll see. My eye surgery is in a couple of days, both peepers will be zapped and I will be done. Thank goodness I only have two eyes. Adam is busy jumping hurdles for college - silly thing thought once you got in that was it - haha. Start of the road. So this opens up a whole other can of worms - does he still have health insurance? Has he had all of his vaccines? Where does he find that? Acck! We need to get a move on for Christmas, we've been half heartedly moving towards it because we aren't really celebrating until everyone gets here. I am working towards the end of the week, it seems to never end, does it?

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