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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow Day

We got a little snow - about 2 inches - Reuben has been beside himself though. He bothers everyone all day to go out out out - we did put a sweater on him earlier but took it off as he not really needing it.  I had my second laser surgery done on the left eye on Friday. I took the day off as I'm not allowed to drive and even though it's not really painful, it's uncomfortable and it takes a few hours for my vision to clear up and to not be so light sensitive. David loaned me his heavy duty sunglasses for the trip home and then it was lights off for most of the day. I have to do the eye drops for 5 days and then return in 6 weeks but I've had no issues. It was the same as the last time, Dr. Fenghali tested the pressure in my eye, numbed it, did the laser treatment and then I sat for an hour in the office to make sure I didn't have any problems before heading home. I brought my latest project - a sock I'm knitting - and when I went to make my appointment to follow up one of the women showed me the sock she's knitting. I offered to get mine to show off but they both laughed and said they'd already peeked in my knitting bag with David's permission and they thought it was very nice and well knitted. I did end up having to pay my co-pay by the way as apparently, the Mayans were not correct. I got my Christmas cards out last week so I'm a little ahead of the game, it's been hard to get any enthusiasm started - David made the comment that once the kids grow up and leave, the magic goes along with them. I guess that's true. I'm not sure what we're doing for Christmas this year but I'm glad Adam will be here. He's a bit stressed about college - he needs to get some information - his vaccines, his W2, etc and its rough going. I did have a copy of his childhood immunizations so that is checked off his list. I've been having fun with my Kobo Vox, I've downloaded a bunch of books and did the set up - I can even access the Internet off of it! I know it's not Christmas but David said Go Ahead, so I did! I am still loving my TV set although we had a tiny to-do with Dish. We couldn't call out so David called them and it turned out we had not paid the bill. The reason was because it was being sent to someone else's house, David paid, they wrote down the correct address and everything is right with our world. Jackson and Brandi are here next week, then I'm on vacation for a week, then back to work, then we get our new dog Molly. Lots of stuff - but good stuff.

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