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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hooray For Donna!

 Yes there is a back way! I was really despairing about this blog, unbeknowest to me there is a limit on the amount of pictures you can post on your free blog. Then it's a monthly charge. Since there are hundreds of free sites I am not paying for this one. So Donna told me if I got another gmail address, then went to setting and invited myself I would be able to post pictures as Julia #2. Yes it makes no sense. But I'll take it, it's the first thing that's gone right all day. Things had begun to straighten up and now we're back to full tilt. Part of me just wants the whole mess to bottom out, sink the damn ship already, give me the life boat and let me paddle on. I miss my Pearl like a crazy person all day today, the rest of life is quietly imploding. Glass is breaking as fast as I can sweep it up, on and on, never ends. But I get up each and every day, get dressed and jump back in - there's no choice right now for me, none at all. I'm sure there are many worse off, just as I am convinced there are many people better off - what difference does it make? It's my mess and I'll cry if I want to. But it will go back up again - at some point. I hope.

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Donna said...

I still miss my last two departed dogs. Hurts like hell. I learned the work-around thing with the pictures from (brace yourself) my Jewish friend. Yes, they really DO know how to do things without spending as much money. I will let him know that he has helped one more person save some money.