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Thursday, December 20, 2012


I love driving around West Virginia and Southwestern PA - sometimes, in my car, I feel like a marble in a shoot. I just go ping ponging down the road with all the other cars jettisoning along with me. I am still a little cautious- more or less. Well, usually less. I have learned around here you need to stay focused if you're on the back road - the guard rails are very sporadic if at all, the road goes up, down and all around. I use my GPS sometimes just to keep track of the road so I know when the next hairpin turn is coming up.  I took the back roads home today but was a bit annoyed, aside from forgetting my camera it was also raining cats and dogs so even if I'd had my camera it would have been uber yucky to get out.I contented myself with earmarking but then forgot where I'd been when I saw all sorts of cool stuff I might want to check out on any given weekend. I did manage at one point during the week to actually write down where one place was so I could come back but that was the best I'd done. I am off tomorrow to have my other eye done - I'm planning on finishing my Christmas cards early before I go -although the loss of vision would probably make it more of a challenge and more amusing for the recipient. Shopping is not much of a challenge either, most of it is cash and gift cards. Our friend Ray is just about the only person I really shop for and he's fun to give to, he seems to enjoys everything he gets from us. Or at least he makes you feel like he does. I have my main present already, it's a Kobo Arc which I have been wanting For - Ev - Er. I did peek. And I did charge it up. I am probably going to see if I can set it up just to make sure it works. Really. Then I will stinking put it back. After I peek at it again. Just once. Again. David just rolls his eyes and says to go ahead and peek, you already did it. I am super anticipating getting our new dog Molly in January - oh what fun that will be. I can't wait! She has some issues and needs some socialization but I'm sure she'll be fine once she gets settled in with Reuben The Rabblerouser. He has gotten a bit wilder lately but that's normal for the breed. He also has Adam to putz around with who is sort of the opposite of the Dog Whisperer. He is more of the Dog Winder because he can wind any vizsla up in a matter of moments, getting Reuben to race around the house like a rabbit on fire. But it's good for the dog to play. We have to decorate this weekend, finish shopping, get the house ready for guests. I am currently knitting a sock, I'm planning on taking it to my appointment tomorrow since I'll have to be there for an hour or so.


Donna said...

I had never heard of Kobo Arc. Had to Google it. What made you decide on that particular device?

Julia Lester said...

Donna - I already have a Kobo ereader so I just transferrd my library to it - and I love it so far!