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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Little Break From The Drama.

 I'm posting pictures of the shawl I finished - really, it did not come out even vaguely like the picture - I have no idea if it's me or the pattern. But it's an even triangle and as Reuben The Model is demonstrating, it drapes beautifully. Speaking of dogs we are (hopefully) going to be adopting a rescue dog after the holidays. It may fall through of course - the dog we have our hearts set on have other people that want her, but if it does, we'll just try again. We just don't have the time for another puppy and a full grown dog would be a better choice - so everyone cross your fingers please! Adam is starting to settle in - he's waiting to hear if he's been accepted by the local college (he's applied to three) and has a couple of job applications in. Jackson will be here after the holidays for a couple of weeks so we're working towards that, and I'm getting what I want for Christmas. We have had some not so good things, a very good friend of ours had a cardiac event - but he's on the mend thank goodness. David is heading off to Ray's tomorrow to do some more handyman stuff and to deliver gifts. We will see him again in a couple of weeks when Jackson and Brandi come down. Yesterday was busy - I had to do a nurse orientation but since the only day the nurse could come was Saturday - and in Wheeling, I was up and out before 8 am. I got there earlier than expected so I found a nice graveyard to explore and of course got so bedazzled I was almost late.  I finished up around close to 4 pm and decided to do a little shopping in Triadelphia - there's a bad decision for you. It was so packed it was awful and it seems the new thing now is to only have one or two cashiers - how frustrating is that. Two stores I just simply left - the book store I managed to stick it out but even then it was making me fussy. Getting out of the place was worse, traffic was jammed all the way back - good thing I didn't have the double espresso to go or I'd have been crawling out of my skin. The good thing is I get a day off after New Years so I can stretch out what's left of my vacation while Jackson is here. I am off on Friday but it's not a fun off, I'm getting the other eye done. But I only have two peepers so I'll be done. Thank goodness

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