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Monday, May 13, 2013

Isn't That Nice!

 So - Jackson lost his license again. I was pretty peeved - if any of you remember the backflips we had to do to get it after had it stolen - you would know why! He thought maybe he'd left it at his mother in law's house so when an envelope came addressed to Jackson today from San Diego I didn't think much of it. Til I looked at the address and it wasn't Ruth's. So Jackson asked us to open it and there was his license, and a note. And here is what the note said -

"Hello - we were at a rest stop in So Cal near the AZ border when two men told us they found your license and didn't know what to do with it. so to protect your ID I am sending it back to you... Chris Hodges".

How wonderful is that!  That some stranger would take the time to mail it back to him. I read him the letter over the phone and he has instructions to send a big thank you out and he will. It's amazing how many honest people are still out there surfing around when all we hear is the bad stuff. I think we will send something too. If anyone else would like to send something to this honest person let me know - I have the address.

In other nice news after that awful weekend on call I had - I got tomorrow off to plant my garden and just get caught up. How nice is that! I'm still on call for the rest of the week but having a day off really helps. Maybe I'll get the rest of those socks done - they've taken a year, haven't they? Or it feels like a year! I don't have my next project planned out yet, I'm thinking maybe a hat or  I will make yet another attempt at a sweater. I would love to make another run at one for my cousin John. After sticking him with that poofy sleeves number that he graciously not only tried on but let me photograph him in - I may try again. We'll see. There's so much to knit and so little time! I am going to the Sheep and Wool Festival this coming weekend and cannot wait. I have four entries in this year, two shawls, one pair of socks and  a sleeveless sweater that actually came out pretty decent. I made sure I would not be on call for that! Not much else going on, Reuben's knee continues to heal, it's about a half of the size and is healing slowly. It was pretty big and deep and has to heal from the ground up so it will be a couple more weeks. He is still on antibiotics so there's no infection thank goodness.

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