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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Winning Can Suck.

I do think that tapestry deserved first place
 Well, this weekend was finally the Sheep and Fiber Festival - David and I went on Saturday morning. I bought yarn from my favorite people, Annadele Alpacas, I love their lace weight yarns. The purple shawl is made from one of their skeins. So we shopped and made our way to the Fiber Arts contest display. I am normally not a sore loser. Most of the time I'm pleased to see my things displayed but this! All four of my things had nothing. There were a few other items that had nothing and I suspect the judges tend to vote local. But I was tired and that makes me a bit of a crabby pants - but really? That soured things a bit but I went back to shopping and eating funnel cake so my world was righted. Today I went walking with Charlene and Libby with Reuben along for the ride. He drooled like a spigot on the way there, had a super fun walk with Libby and then on the way back - true to form we got about 300 yards from the house and Vesuvius erupted. All down the backseat as he had moved the towel I had tucked tightly - sigh. David was shooting with Rich today so I went back to the fair about 2 pm  to get my stuff, but ended up waiting around as The People's Choice was being voted on and tallied at 3 pm. About 3:10 they announced over head I had won runner up! When I got there I was handed a business card with "free skein" written across it. The woman at the booth was folding up my entries and only was interested in one - the green sleeveless tank. She asked what it was made out of and when I said cotton she was like THAT'S ILLEGAL!! Only 50% animal fiber allowed!". Since that was the only item she asked about I think she knew it was cotton and was baiting me. I apologized for not reading the entry form closely (I did look later and it is on the bottom). She handed me my things and my business card and I asked if there was a ribbon for it - everything else had a ribbon on it. She said "If there was ribbon for it would be on it - all the ribbons were handed out and there is no ribbon for that!".  I was a little upset - I've never won anything that I was the only person that got nothing but maybe that's how they roll. I did get my nice skein of yarn and had a fun conversation with the person that was selling it - that took a little sting out of "winning". But I think I will not be entering again, that was the first time I've ever won anything and was made to feel bad about it!

Here is what I won for being voted Runner Up People's Choice. I shall display my business card with pride.

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