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Friday, May 10, 2013

Whole Lotta Nothing Going On.

 So - aside from working all weekend  I won't be doing much. It's actually hard to tell, so far it looks like I'll be pulling 8 to 12 hours daily all weekend but that is subject to change  so I'm not too worried about it. Well, maybe a little. One of the other nurses told me to call if it gets too bad so it's nice that I have coworkers that will do that. We are going to do something next weekend since there is no point now. We had a huge thunderstorm earlier - the lights went out just long enough to reset the clocks, stinky! But not enough to super soak the garden. I will be doing the planting next weekend I suppose, I'll have to. The seedlings are coming out the bottoms of their little pots and cannot wait too much longer. The dogs are still enjoying the gardening part of it - a little bit too much I might add. They romp about, they poop, dig and chase each other up and down the rows like it's the best place in the universe. It'll be interesting to see if there will be any vegetable survivors, I have no idea why they find gardening so exhilarating but you would have to be them I suppose to understand it. I don't mind though, the garden is more of a thing to do while I'm out with the dogs than anything else. I have stuff I want to do soon - muck out the computer room, straighten the basement, etc - I just don't have the energy or the initiative to start it. I look at it. I think about it. And then I do not do it. Nope. Read. Play scrabble. knit. More fun more fun. I haven't been reading too much - I bought a book I am not crazy about - it looked good but it's OK sort of. But since I bought it I am obliged to read it. I know that's silly but that  is the way it is.

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