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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Great Clothes Migration

I finally decided it was safe to swap out the summer clothes with the winter clothes. Every year I take out all the winter stuff and go through it so I don't keep storing things I don't like. Clothes from my closet tend to to fit into four categories:

1) Clothes That Fit and I like - keep.

2) Clothes That May Fit Someday -  keeping usually depends on WHY they don't fit. If I can (realistically) lose weight and fit them, fine. If I accidentally bought pants 2 inches too short and will only fit if I have a terrible accident - go.

3) Clothes I Bought And Now Have No Idea Why - these all go. They could have been on clearance, they may have looked good on a hanger and terrible on me, the reasons are endless. But out they go

4) Cool Clothes That Have No Use - this is a difficult one. I have an ivory silk shirt that goes perfectly with the dress pants and matching mid calf length jacket in Burgundy. I've owned both for over ten years and neither has ever been worn. But both are a classic design and I know in my heart SOMEDAY I will wear this outfit. The same goes for the orange sleeveless dress, the light blue cotton dress with the matching jacket and the black gauze shirt with the white piping. keepkeepkeep.

So I did manage to get rid of two bags of clothes and now just have to remember not to "replace" the clothes I didn't need in the first place. In other news my two at a time socks are rolling along, still on the fence about the whole thing. On one hand when I'm done I'll be done with both and they will be exactly alike. But I have to say the DPNs are a bit more portable and quite frankly I have about a hundred million million of them laying around in bamboo, carbon, milk fiber, steel, harmony wood, rosewood, plastic and stainless steel ranging from 000 to a size 11 and feel a little guilty about not using them. The socks have been going more slowly than I would like as I have a million little distractions -  using my new ereader, gardening and of course work. David got the new electric collars for the dogs - $35 off of eBay and they work well. They have a "vibrate" mode which works just as well but is more humane - neither dog likes having it's head jiggled so we are out and about again with no one running in the road. It had gotten bad and after the last incident when I had to wave down a Dodge Ram I refused to take them out again. Thank goodness he saw us and waited for me to collect the dogs before continuing - but I knew eventually our luck would run out or I wouldn't get there in time.  Just putting on the collars on them makes them behave so we are ok again. We've been messing in the yard and I had to fence in the rhubarb plant - my neighbor does want it but can't dig it up til the fall when it's dormant - it's sort of like asparagus that you plant once and then just cut it every year.  I left it alone,  but all the dogs have been hellbent on marking it. So I put a fence around it and it's HUGE - of course it is. I hate it and want it to go away so ti's growing like a trooper. I have not put any plants in yet, next weekend I think I'll be doing that. I had my car serviced, the filters were stuffed full of deer hair from The Bonkeroo, the oil got changed and other sundry items. The only thing that made me mad was the guy came out and said I needed four new tires because someone had replaced just one and you can't do that on an all wheel drive. I just looked at him and said well YOU guys are the one that did that. He was like oh, maybe I'd better look again. Yeah, maybe you should Buckie, maybe you should. And no, I do not have new tires.

The Despised Rhubarb

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