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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Weekend!

 Molly is sitting in the chair with me now, eyeballing David as she seems to think he would like to sit here too - and as far as she's concerned there is no room. At all. Ever. I'm oncall tomorrow for the holiday, someone has to do it I suppose. But I am free to roam the country until then and had a pretty good day yesterday. Yesterday, in the mail I got a card from the Sheep and Fiber committee, they did pony up a ribbon for my second place win on the voted competition and is proudly displayed on the picture of Reuben modeling the winning entry. I was a little surprised the lavendar shawl won - the shape is fine but the pattern was so off kilter it's hilarious if you really look at it closely. But whatever - I got my ribbon so my world is fine. I restarted the hood on my latest project, it was straight stockingnette but when you do that the edge will roll. Not a bad look if that's what you're going for but I'm not so I frogged it and did a little ribbing to keep it flat - who wants a hood that rolls? I got a lot of it done while watching The Last Samauri with Tom Cruise - I actually hate him but there are two movies he is pretty decent in and that's one of them. David and I have been poking around a bit for the next project - the Bruceton Mills house is under contract - for now (our record so far is selling one house four times before it actually sold so color me Jaded) - we're starting with the very low end. Yesterday found me wading through a sea of weeds with my trusty camera peeking in windows and testing the deck. There was a  number for the RE which we called - the house has moved WAY down the list as we would need to sign a waiver before going in to look. Hmm. Not a Good Sign. We looked at another one, hurray for Creative Photography and back to the drawing board. I'm hoping to see Iron Man 3 today, we are going to look at laptops too - the Macbook might have finally bought the big one. I can't complain, it's about 8 years old and has been a true workhorse. I'd like a new one but that will have to wait until After The House Sells. My whole life is on hold until that point, everytime I say I want or I need it gets pushed off til After The House Sells. If I died - it would have to wait. I am going to get my eyes looked at, the guy I went to last year in the mall appears to be out of business so I have to find a new one. I think I'll ask Dr. Fenghali that treats my glaucoma to recommend someone - and I think there is one near the place I work. I have vision insurance with this job so I can get VERY swanky glasses.

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