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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Is Here. For Now.

 So, finally it has been warm a few days in a row. Whee one might say. Whee. I have been out scratching about in my garden, no plants planted yet but the weeds are growing fine. So I take my thingy that David bought me yesterday and rub the weeds out. Then rub again. B-O-R-I-N-G. But the dogs enjoy it a great deal since the ground is so dry, when they dash through it they kick up huge plumes of dust. No one looking at them can tell me dogs do not have a sense of humor and think some things are super cool.  I noticed that it rained a bit today and the since the dirt is a little damp nothing happens when you race in it, so consequently, they don't. I'm on call again this weekend so the plants most likely will not be going in depending on how busy I am. The on call is the one thing I'm having major issues swallowing on this job, it seems like they're filling in the schedule on the weekends as opposed to us only going out on emergency calls or admits that have to be done on the weekend. Not a fan and am not enjoying the seven day a week stretch. I know people do it but financially I don't have to nor do I want to so we shall see. In other news still loving my Kobo mini and it does a few very cool things that I didn't realize. If I buy a book on my Vox or I'm reading a book on it, when I turn on my mini it syncs with the Vox and my book opens to the page I'm on - anything I've bought is downloaded and goes right to the library. It's very small and I have it in my pocket book, so cool, so cool. I have the front porch cleaned up and set up so when it gets a little warmer I can sit out there and read in the evening and the hooligans can be out there too so they can spy on the neighbors a little better. David's birthday is today, quiet since it's the middle of the week. We can't do anything this weekend but next weekend we will celebrate my birthday, his, mother's day and memorial day all in one fowl swoop. The socks are moving along well at this point, the pattern is not over complicated so it's fun.

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