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Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Been A Week.

 I started off the week sick. I was not too well last week but powered through and figured on Monday I was fine. I was not. Tuesday the ship went down and I went down with it,blowing out enough fluids to qualify for  quasi watery grave. I went to my doctor's which I love - they run their own walk in clinic and the doctors rotate. You may not get your own doctor but they have all your records and insurance information. And I've never had to wait more than 20 minutes. I was diagnosed with infected sinuses and put on a ten day stretch of antibiotics and told to stay home for at least 24 hours. Molly and Reuben took the news quite joyfully - stay in bed all day? Someone to open the door four hundred times? You betcha! David was not here for the Joyful Event, he had taken off for NJ on Monday morning to Ray's - Ray was having cataract surgery so David was going to help out. Ray did well and he had the dressing removed yesterday when David took him back to the doctor's for the follow up. The rest of the time they've been going to the bookstore and watching movies. David decided to stay an extra day and come home tomorrow which was fine, I know they're having a good time  and this is a good week for him to do this. Adam was off from work during the week - he's working on the weekend and I was home sick.  Work has also been a little slow this week, nothing to worry about, if you work in home care you usually do have a slack time, summer it will slow, the holidays too. I've been getting home a little early and this week that suits me just fine. I went back to work this morning and I did OK, not great. I'm still achy and tired and a little short of breath due to the head and chest congestion. Oh well, one more day and then I have the weekend to rest up.

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