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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Watching The Paint Dry

 We have a very nice large covered front porch. Most of the homes around here have one and they're used quite frequently, when you drive down any given road you'll see everyone sitting out on them. I've done patient visits on the porch, sitting on swings and Adirondack rockers, parking my nursing bag on the redwood table. I went out last week and beat the dust out of the  cushions, swept the carpeted floor and got rid of the leaves. I put the love seat blocking the stairs so the dogs could come out too. They're learning to like it - at first they didn't quite get it, restricted to the porch but now they're getting into it. Reuben sticks his head between the rails to snuffle the bushes, Molly sits next to me and peers in great concentration at the neighbors. Wondering what they're doing, if they'll stay in the their own yard, do they want anything? I leave the front door propped open so they can go in and out, Molly sometimes gets nervous and has to go in, then reappears about 2 minutes later for another round of spying on the neighbors. I'd like to eventually get a swing for the porch, we have plenty of room out there. We heard from Jackson tonight, he and Brandi are doing quite well and they're enjoying their new digs. Adam has been busy too, he's taking summer courses and has gotten hired by the local Wal-Mart down the road. Not the job of choice but it's close and they're more than willing to work around his schedule. David leaves in the morning for NJ to see Ray for a few days so I am in charge of the zoo. Hate that! But it's just for a few days and I'll survive. Work has been going much better lately - the schedules have been tightened up and I'm able to get organized the night before which goes a long way in my world. In  knitting news I'm almost done with the hood of my hoodie. I have a guest coming at the end of the month, my friend Nancy who moves almost as much as we do and she moves further - she has been New York ,Long Island, England and now Vermont. We outdo her in moves but she has it all over us in mileage. Weirdly she has relatives near where we live so she will be popping over there while I'm at work and then on the weekend we'll be taking off - I might take her to prison, we'll see!

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