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Sunday, June 16, 2013

So Good So Far.

 The sweater I'm making is coming out pretty good, as far as I can tell. It's plain knitting but the interesting thing is it's knit in one piece as opposed to most sweaters that are done in multiple pieces and then stitched up at the end. The hood gets one seam across the top and then the sleeves are put on stitch holders and knitted on later using the live stitches. When it gets a little further along I'll post a picture. The money spending continues - a bit. We had bought that bench last week to replace the coffee table and it's working out better. It frees up the living room and gives us a little extra seating and storage - and the cushion can be easily replaced if need be. Molly appears to like it better than Reuben but they both spend a great deal of time standing on it and spying on what they perceive as Enemies. It's level with the front window which increases Proactive Viewing for the canine members of the household. The other expense was the patio set pictured below. We have a teak wood set that was supposed to last forever, gradually fading to a silver color. It did - but the wood split a little and the glass top spontaneously shattered one day. That happened to my sister's too and I wonder if it's not a heat issue, we went out one day and it was just shattered into a million pieces like it had exploded. The cost of replacing it is more than the table is worth so we've just left it empty. SO we've been half looking for a new set and thinking maybe in August when it all goes on sale we can look. But when we were in Sam's Club in Washington yesterday I headed for the clearance section. We're in the habit of doing  that at every store because you never know what might be there. Most of the time it's things missing a crucial piece, stained or cracked or worse, just marked down a dollar or so. But as you remember we found a $700 dining room set there for $75 and we actually had gotten our cherry entertainment center for one hundred. So I took a peek and there was one of their most expensive patio sets - original price was $999 - marked down to $150! David and I looked it over and the defect was - and I kid you not - about 8 tiles that had come loose. AND the tiles that had come loose were stacked in a neat little pile. Thank goodness we had decided to take the truck! So I finished shopping while David got the tag and we loaded it up and took it home. We have the umbrella from last year so we're set - they even came with the cushions. Hopefully this will be all until the house in Bruceton sells, but it was such a good deal we couldn't pass it up. We've been spending a lot of time outside in between rainy days, the dogs are getting used to the front porch so we sit out there more. They peek between the rails and snuffle about, I read and play on my Ipad which I'm still navigating around. I've been adding and deleting apps, the free ones for now as I don't want to pay for something I can't use that I thought I would. And really, there are so many free ones I doubt I'll ever find one that I want to pay for. They even have knitting apps but some are silly. You can do virtual knitting and that was one of my first deletes - I'm going to spend hours making a pretend sweater??  I did end up getting a cover for it at Big Lots - I have no idea why but they have a weirdly large selection of Ipad and computer covers. They had a huge selection for the Ipad mini so I got an ultralight cover that folds to a stand for $10 and a more heavily padded one for travel for $5. No, I'm not kidding. I don't think I'm doing too much today, it looks like it might be a bit rainy later on. I will probably take David out to eat for Father's day and do a bit of cleaning then back to the sweater. Have a good Father's Day everyone!

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