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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Around The Block.

 We took off a bit on the later side this morning, David has a house he's interested in out in Hazelton which is a bit of a drive but if we got it, would be worth it. We haven't sold the house in Bruceton Mills   yet but are hoping to have it sold before the end of summer. Knowing how long it takes to find a low priced fixer upper that is not a total disaster takes time so David has started scouting now. We took the road through Bruceton and drove. And drove. Then David decided he didn't know where we were. Arrgh. I saw a sign  for Glades Farm Road and asked to go there for more pictures. Surprise! We popped out a mile from the house, so we did get to peek at it and explore the surrounding area. I found a ceramics shop out of some one's basement and got some cute stuff. We followed a couple of For Sale signs with no  success and then headed back. As we headed down a  road there was the most hilarious little girl set up with a large cooler and a folding chair at the end of a driveway, dressed like a migraine and cheerfully waving a glitter infested sign above her head. Eggs for Sale! It reminded me of when we had Kool Aid stands when we were kids, Theresa from one side, the Palominos on the other, all of us shouting and leaping as cars drove by. We pretty much only sold Kool Aid to each other but it kept us occupied. But no one leaves children alone outside now - even on the back country roads. I made David turn around and as we pulled up I could see her father was about 20 feet away working in the garage while keeping a close eye on her. When I got out of the truck I saw him say something in the garage and a Disgruntled Older Sibling also made an appearance as the egg seller was a bit beside herself at the potential sale. I bought two dozen and as the vendor excitedly handed me my purchase while hopping around the older sister deftly took the money from her to put in an envelope, shut the cooler  and reminded her to say thank you all while keeping a cool aloof affect the entire time. It was quite the trick. Egg money is a pretty hardy business around here, there's a fair amount of children that earn extra money doing that. I wish I had gotten a picture of that little girl though - and her glittery sign. We headed back to Morgantown to do our weekly shopping - so expensive! It seems like we buy less and less and it costs more and more each week. We stopped by the bookstore and I got a huge cup of coffee, I love coffee. A Lot. And I got a new knitting book - I've cut back but will do still buy them once in awhile. David is heading off to NJ next week - he didn't end up going over Memorial Day because he was sick but this will work out a little better as Ray is having some minor eye surgery so David will be able to bring him in for it and home again. He'll stay a few days to visit and then home again.

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