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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Show Me The Money

 It's been a bit of an expensive week - a lot going out and not much coming in. But some weeks are like that, arent' they? As long as it doesn't become a habit not a big deal. Anyhoo - I was out of work for about a day and a half - the rest of the week I was low on visits and did not squawk or ask for more. The lesser amount I could handle, getting home a little early, taking care of the dogs and then back to bed. Today I'm feeling better and am getting my energy back but still feel drained. I have five more days to go on the antibiotic and the cough is still there, but better and I am no longer spewing moisture so that's a good thing. David spent the week at Ray's and returned home late Friday afternoon after staying for breakfast and then heading out into the rain. This morning we headed to Best Buy - I've been after a tablet and had my heart set on a Samsung. They had a big display of everything, some I hadn't heard of and some I had but after looking everything over carefully - and calling Janet - I decided to go back to Apple. I got the Ipad 4 mini. I looked at the bigger one but I really wanted something a bit more portable and it had everything I needed. Of course I needed a warranty, a screen protector, etc... kaching! Kaching! I didn't buy the cover there - I'll get one at Big Lots for $8 as opposed to $56. They have amazing covers there, I got one for my Kobo Vox that opens like a book, flips around to make a stand and fits perfectly.  After that we headed to Wal-Mart because David needed shells because even though he is NOT shooting with Rich tomorrow, well, you never know what could happen. As we walked in I saw a door that said "Optometrist, walk ins welcome". The guy that did my eye exam last year is no longer there so... I walked in. I have a vision plan now so it was only ten dollars and I deferred doing the eye drop thing as I am seeing Dr. Fenghali for the big eye test at the end of the month. The doctor did use the lamp and said "boy, you do have glaucoma in both eyes!". Sigh. So I took my prescription and off we went to Sam's club - $118 dollars later I had my new glasses ordered which is not bad, the frames are covered and part of the lenses. We finished our shopping and back home. My Ipad is upstairs getting juiced up, I've got it set up and am figuring out how to navigate around. I think I have all the electronics I can handle now - smart phone, desk computer, laptop, Ipad, big ereader and my beloved mini Kobo that is always with me. Life does not always stay good, but it's fun when it is good. And very appreciated.

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