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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rolling Right Along

 The sweater is coming along nicely - as far as I can tell. I'll probably have to add a border to the hood as it already rolling and I haven't hit the pocket yet. It has one of those big front pockets and I've read over the directions, doesn't seem to complicated. I'm actually enjoying it as it's  complicated enough to stay interesting but not overly so. And between all the adding and casting on it's plain knitting so  I can watch TV without looking down and finding a third sleeve or something. Work has been a bit slow but that's OK gives me a chance to catch up around here and use the things I've bought. Like the outdoor set which I am still not over. We sat out there yesterday evening and BBQed with Molly and Reuben chasing each other around the yard. Adam has had a time of it the past week. He and David replaced the faulty  air sensor on his car over the weekend - you have to rent a special wrench which he did from Auto Zone. They got it in with  little problem and on Monday Adam returned the wrench to the store. He got in his car...........and nothing. Nada. The whole thing was dead. David helped him get it to Foxes Garage - just around the corner from us and Jesse said  he'd look at it as soon as he could. Poor Adam! He has finally gotten level - school, found a job, etc - it was hard not to join in the upsetness of it all. And with cars it's either a simple fix or it will need something horrifyingly expensive like an engine of something. Around here without a car you're truly sucking wind and he has such a full schedule most days.I know on the WV there's a bus but there's only a couple and it can take hours to get there, plus it can be up to a five mile hike to the bus stop.  He borrowed David's truck and David moved his stuff to the next day - thank goodness it turned out to be a faulty wire! Fifty dollars and back on the road.  David is starting to look for the next project, he moved the RE to Friday to look at potentials and has been doing some things around here that have needed doing. He's going back to NJ for a few day in the beginning of July, Ray is having the other eye done then things should be OK with him. In the past he has not wanted David to come but the last time David was there after surgery and took him to his follow up. They did the bookstore and So Forth - it will be over the holiday so I'll be home for that, Adam can be around for the rest.

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