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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Front Porch

 I got surprise day off since I'm on call for this weekend. I had to go to the mandatory meeting this morning but after I went and picked up my new glasses so not a bad thing. I have my big eye appointment at the end of July so I need to put in for a day off for that. I stopped at the mall next, Bath and Bodyworks is having one of their semi annual 75% off sale so I stocked up for the second time. I'll usually go 3 or 4 times and that will set me until the next sale. David is off finishing a small list of To Do's on the Bruceton Mills house and then will be meeting with yet another RE to look at houses. I did a few thing around the house and then I took the dogs out to the front porch. They've gotten the idea of it so it's no longer 20 minute increments of my guarding the steps and saying NO four hundred and twenty times. I keep the front door propped open so they can wander in and out while I read and drink coffee. Our porch furniture is an old wicker set David bought on the side of the road for $50, it came with faded cushions and they even threw in a basket of fake flowers. The fake flowers have gone by the wayside, we beat and vacuumed the cushions removing pine needles, pollen and cat hair. It's a bit worn, but it really fits the house and looks like, well, it looks like every one's furniture. We'll eventually buy new cushions I suppose but will leave the faded paint - I just love the way it looks. Our new issue is a family of ground hogs that have moved in next door. One seems to be intrigued by our garage and has been sneaking around trying to get in. I thought we had one - but this afternoon the dogs were freaking out as there are actually about 6 - or more - frolicking around in the side yard. I found their den but not sure what our next action will be. On one hand their den is actually up in the woods so technically they're not hurting anything. BUT that many groundhogs are almost certain to produce legions of little groundhogs and will not do. Not at all. Hopefully they will stay on their side of the fence and that will solve that. My friend Nancy is visiting next weekend and that I'm very excited about. She's going to visit family that weirdly enough lives about 8 miles from here. Who would have guess that since she's from Hastings On The Hudson and I'm  from Hampton Bays that she would have Aunts and Uncles here on the border of West Virginia and Pennsylvania? What a happy coincidence though, isn't it? Still working on the sweater, I have about 6 inches to go then I'll start in on the front pocket. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm already figuring out what I'll be doing next - hmm. I found the pattern that I look at sometimes and think Hmm. That Looks Like A Lot Of Work and I put it back in the bottom of the drawer. So we'll see if I actually do it or chicken out again.

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