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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crawling To The Finish Line.

 Nope, we have still not closed on the Bruceton Mills  house. Apparently the lawyer for the buyers is unsure of what his function is in all of this  and has been dragging it out, sheet by sheet, form by form. I don't think we would ever use him - the most annoying thing is everything is the  fault of My Assistant.  My Assistant went on vacation. Then she came back and accidentally only faxed half of the paperwork, etc. etc... I'm glad I'm not My Assistant but I sure would like to have her around so I too could live a blameless existence. I'm not overly upset, this is not our first rodeo and it's normal for the lawyers to spend a great deal of time screwing things up and then blaming it on everyone and their brother.  In the meantime we're scouting, we have an offer in one and are plotting for another. I've become quite the shark - on my way home the other day I did a rather colorful U turn having spotted a potential. If you see a sheet of paper taped to a front door with a lot of printing on it that's usually  a process of foreclosure. I would not skipping up the steps if there were cars in the yard or signs of life but this had none so I happily pulled into the yard and - Eek! no camera. But I had my phone so I took some shots and took another of the paperwork - that I emailed to David for download and print. That one will be on the back burner for now as it still needs to move through the courts and we are scoping a few others. We can bid on a few but only one will pan out .We've already been shot down a few times  and will most likely get shot down again. It's not as easy as you think it is - it's not even as easy as I think it is. You have to work on a very tight budget using the comps for the area, what needs repair ( septic, heat and electric are the biggies), what it will cost you to repair and how long it will sit on the market. What this all means is someone can outbid you by 5 or 6 thousand dollars and you have to let it go. In other news it is raining again. My poor garden is growing weeds like nobodies business but the rest is slow going, I think we may be getting too much rain. I've only had one zucchini which I ate already, the corn gets ears and then the deer show up about five minutes later, snarffle it down and got back to their Den Of Inequity to gloat about it. I'm out on the porch right now and will be going inside to maybe watch another scary movies. I watched the Skeleton Key last night which featured a very rotten lawyer who was not doing his Stinking Job. Hmm. Art imitating life I suppose.

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