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Monday, July 22, 2013

I C U!

 So, I had the long eye appointment today - I took the day off as there is really no other alternative. I had considered moving it to the afternoon but that really never works. One my patients will develop a problem or I'll end up having to drop off something at the lab running late. Plus I would have to drive home and David would have to drive me back to Morgantown. So we dropped my car off at the dealership Sunday night  and this morning headed for Dr. Fenghali's. The news is VERY good. The pressure in both eyes is down considerably and with my glasses on I have 20/20 vision. There will be no medications for quite awhile and even though I can still not see people's underpants, that is good enough for me. After my appointment I put on heavy sunglasses - with the overcast skies this morning it was not too bad. We had breakfast out at Eat N Park - I resisted the S'More pancakes, two chocolate chip pancakes filled with marshmallow cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Even I can't justify that! We went to Washington after, since the skies were overcast and I had slapped on a heavy pair of sunglasses it was do-able. We went to Harry and David's for pepper onion relish and then to Gander Mountain so David could pick up shells for shooting clays. He came out announcing they were a dollar more a box than he wished to pay so I sent him right back in. We've been down this road a million times, he stands on his principals until Friday afternoon then ends up driving all the way back, wasting time, gas and 15 phone calls to various friends debating the subject. We came home to the usual psychotic greeting, one of these days I have to get Molly on video. She jumps straight up about 6 feet and repeats until you open the door. Sometimes we are Bad Owners and delay opening the door just so we can watch, it's highly amusing. So my sight has returned and my pupils are no longer the size of teacup saucers so I guess it will be back to work tomorrow.

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