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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thunder Road

 Poor Molly - this month has been very hard on her. The storms that have been rolling over the area have been especially violent and she is one of those dogs that freaks at the merest boom in the distance. She's gotten better - she's had to  - and we've discovered that she can tolerate it if we put her in her crate, door shut and a biscuit. So the gi-nourmous crate has been gracing the living room and she hides in there in a pile of her fluffy blankets until the danger is passed. That is signified by the Munching Of The Biscuit - she had been hiding it in the blanket for later but Reuben caught on and would sneak in and eat it, then sit on the couch like he knew nothing. So now we know to let her out when she's done, everyone has a system. Work has been a little less crazy lately - thank goodness. Not getting used to it of course, it seems to crank back up at the drop of a hat, but the past week has been not too tragic. I've gotten some reading done and the sweater is moving along, I'm a  third of the way done with one sleeve, then I'm putting and edge on the hood and the pocket. It doesn't call for it, but it's rolling pretty badly. I bought the new Vogue Knitting because of a pattern for a full length dress. I've never knitted a dress but I'll have to scout through my supply as it calls for about 2000 yards of weight lace yarn. Yes, you read that right - two THOUSAND yards. It says wool but if I actually did it make it I am thinking more silk or cotton. But we'll have to see - that's a lot of knitting. There are some other patterns that are not (too) overly weird they've been getting into a lot of odd shapes and giant bobbles for some reason the past year. And thing they refer to as "Asymmetrical" which means the sleeves are different sizes and the hem lines are up and down. I do that with some of my projects but it's more my pathetic attempts at clothing than a fashion statement so I guess whoever gets it will look deformed in a stylish manner. And of course to top off the look one needs to secure it with a stick or a spatula as opposed to anything common like buttons. So needless to say not too many copies of Vogue have been gracing the coffee table this year. David and I are going to see the latest Wolverine movie this weekend, other than that not too many plans. And I have to start planning for my sister - and sister in law! - to visit over labor day. I suppose being The Guests they will get to pick their activities, depending on what's open of course. There's a lot more to do here than people realize. There's the insane asylum in Weston, the prison in Moundsville, Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling Waters is about 40 miles from here. I don't think there's any plays at the performing arts center but I'm sure there's a festival somewhere!

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