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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Forgive Those Lord That Trespass Against Us.

 A little more done on the sweater - I've never done one quite like this so it's interesting to say the least. The pocket is knit back and forth, then put on a holder. You pick up stitches behind the pocket to go back to circular knitting and when the length is the same you knit the bottom in with the sweater.Weird  huh! Anyhoo - David is still scouting for the next project so today on our way to the yarn shop we had the address of a foreclosure he'd found online. We had to look for it - the road name was not correct but after a couple bobbles we found it. Everything was padlocked shut since it's a foreclosure, that is to keep people from sniggle fritzing about where they should not. Bad little trespasser, get back in your car! My camera as usual found it's way into openings and so forth - the outbuilding were in much better shape than I thought they were. The barn is old - but sturdy and clean inside. There's an in ground pool which is probably not a good thing. It's covered well but that probably means that whatever is lurking beneath is, well, most likely lurking and would give you nightmares for years if you fell in. There was also what appeared to be where the pool pump was - or is - covered in rotting tarp and pieces of wood to anchor the frayed wires and PVC pipes attached to nothing.  The deck was rotting in some parts, painted peeling off in the noonday heat but overall nothing we haven't seen before. David had called the agent but she wasn't able to come out right then - which is fine. We like to look at the house on our own so we don't waste any one's time since so many of them turn out to be a no go,  so he can schedule later. I really wanted to get a peek inside, the windows were so blurry it was hard to get a good look. We were standing by the garage door, next to yet another padlocked entrance. But the garage door,hmm......well well well. The handle looked loose so I gave it a spin - and it did. So I grabbed the handle on the bottom and it slid upwards - grudgingly, but it went up about 3 feet and after putting David on look out I ducked under the tarp - and I was off with my trusty camera. There was a point of negotiation in the basement with the standing water, the tile work in the kitchen was great but the appliances were a step below junk. The decor was as usual, funded by the Sight Impaired Club - a glimpse in one bedroom rewarded me with a sighting of blue and brown flocked wall paper. David yelled to Hurry Up - it's a pretty good bet if the house gets looked at it will be on a Saturday afternoon so I got one more of the kitchen bypassing the bathroom that has no window. But I really REALLY did not want to see that right them - if there's a ghoul lurking in a foreclosure it was will lurk it's heart out in the bathroom. We've seen some hideous  things in some of the houses we've bought and always involve water somehow. Pools, bathrooms, kitchens basements.  Ack! We headed off to the yarn shop where the owner admired my Penitentiary T shirt I got last week. We were talking about good places to go and I mentioned I needed somewhere to top this year's tour when Nancy comes back. She suggested the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston and yes they give tours. Whee is all I can say. Whee. I bought a couple of skeins of yarn and very neat-o little project bag by Chico. It's a super tiny sock bag  that has a clip so you can attach it to your purse or a belt loop, rear view mirror.........

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