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Sunday, July 14, 2013

God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise

 Apparently, that old idiom means you've done all you can and now you need to sit back and let things play out, dealing with whatever floats your way the best you can. It is appropriate for this week I suppose. We've had horrendous rain for the past two weeks, it rolls in, the skies darken and the rain pours in sheets, buckets, cat and dogs - take your pick. We discovered two new things this week - one is this house has a french drain system. We know this because of the second discovery which would be about an inch of water in the basement because the french drain system we were oblivious to failed. Whee. David has dug, snaked and pumped - this week he'll rent a scope to see what - and more importantly - where the problem is and fix it. It could be as simple as something is blocking it or we need to install a sump pump and be done with it. I can. no longer use my beloved prison shower in the basement and we now have traffic jams in the morning as everyone is rushing to get to where they need to be. David is still scouting for a new project, the foreclosure we were going to bid on went to closing and the one in Hazelton is under contract pending inspection so it's back to the drawing board. He looked at one the other day that he came saying all it needed was a match and it was way past fixable. We still have a few weeks for looking and I know we'll find something. So of course with all this running around in the background I am on call again for the week just to see if I can skirt the edge of the Spontaneous Combustion. Sometimes it's not even what happens but the stress of what could - I'm usually given a full day of visits and admissions so if anyone calls with an actual emergent need I'm screwed. It's only once a month but I dread it so much - I know I'm making it a bigger deal than it is so I'm still hanging loose - back to the God willing and creek don't rise thing I suppose. My other option is going per Diem for a couple of agencies which I roll around on a weekly basis. It has it's pros and cons of course  - pro being you can take off when you want, you have total control of your schedule and no on call of course. The con is you need to pay for your own health insurance, no paid time off and if the agencies are slow you're the first person lose your visits. But you make more money which covers the insurance payments  and there's no advantage to having paid time off when every time someone takes a few days off it's like the apocalypse is looming over you. But until we go to closing we can not afford to go without. So there you go - volley, return, volley. I continue to work on the sweater which is looking pretty champion so far. Of course it has never covered a human body and hopefully I will not have to scout around looking for someone hopelessly misshapen to fit into it. Cross your fingers!

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