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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hey Big Spender

 Well, yesterday we dropped the Subaru off for  because of my slowly leaking tire and to have the oil changed since it was there anyhow. Then we headed out to Clarksburg to take possession of our first foreclosure. Unlike a real house closing where we all sit at a big table and everyone excitedly signs, the keys are passed in a slightly dramatic way, hugs and handshakes - this was David wiring the money to the bank and getting an email back. The lock box was removed and the key was taped in a (hopefully) Ceremonial Way to the inside of the screen door. So after dropping the car off and driving over, David performed the Untaping Of The Key Ceremony and in we went - immediately being hit by the smell of stinky rugs and old cigarette smoke. Wow. It must've been a small army of heavy smokers - you could see white squares of where the pictures had been removed on the sticky tan walls. The fixture in the dining room area looked bronze but on closer inspection it was glazed with nicotine - so much you could see where it had started to drip down the glass. Between that and what was soaked in to the rug - it was a Festival Of Pure Stinkiness. David was trying to get the blinds down by batting at them so he wouldn't have to touch them but finally just pulled them up high and tight to let some sun in there. It's not a huge deal, believe it or not. The ceiling, the walls, the rugs, the padding, the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom are all going to be pulled down and out - the rest he'll be scrubbing down with a car brush and special cleaner. He's good with the special cleaners - David could de-stink a skunk party at this point and be home for lunch. We already have all the kitchen cabinets ready - we got over a thousand dollars worth for less than $300 by surfing the clearance areas. David also got a $900 washing machine for $299 which is gracing our home and the washer I have will be moved over there. We found a fridge for under $400 but we have time to keep scouting and the kitchen counter and sink is going to be salvaged.The bathrooms are completely renovation, we might be able to save the toilets but I don't know. The water had been turned off and I didn't have the guts to peek.  Wednesdays are still workdays for me - just a different kind of work. We did some grocery shopping and headed back - my car was ready with it's (fifth) new tire. This morning I got an early start and was at my first patient before 8 - work has been a bit light this past week so I had time to sit and talk with them. On the way back to my next patient I pulled into a church parking lot to finish my paperwork (although, we are exclusively on computer so I'm not sure what I should call it now - computer work? data collection? whatever!), synced my android and started my engine. I backed up but when I put car in drive and started - ALL the lights came on. It was not like winning a prize or Christmas, it was Super Upsetting and had I not been driving I probably would have had The Vapors or something. I called David who told me to pull over as soon as I could and he called the dealership. I managed to make it to the Citgo, backed in and killed the engine. I sat and waited - fortunately the gas station had stellar coffee and a bathroom and I had my ereader for entertainment. I called the office and I have to say, of all days this was a good day to break down if I'd had my choice. They gave some of my visits away since we're on low census this week, I moved the others to tomorrow and called all my patients to let them know what was going on. The car hauler showed up and the dealer sent me a loaner car, same model but a deep dark........purple. Hmm. So I'm home today in shorts with the Hooligans catching up on a few things that need doing and so forth. David left a little while with the trailer loaded with the cabinets, I'm staying here in case the dealership calls. If they don't get it done not a biggie since I have a loaner.

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