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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Let The Games Begin.

 SO David asked me what I wanted to do today. Then he said "I'll bet you don't want to load up the riding tractor, stop at Lowes and go to Clarksburg". That was really not my first choice. Or my second. But apparently it was the only one. So I brought my ereader - I'm halfway through the third of the series and off we went. Since I now have off on  Wednesday it sort of takes the wind of out Saturday anyhow. So we stopped at Lowes to get industrial strength cleaner, a manual spray pump and new locks. While David did that I surfed around - still no feasible clearance appliances but I did find a $90 light fixture for $10, nice score since we will be getting rid of the outdated filthy dining room light. And then I came across the bathtub - original $239 marked down to $50 for two small, fixable cracks along the top. We offered $40 and off we went - $300 dollars worth of stuff for fifty bucks - who's your daddy now! It's not for the Clarksburg house but the other one - for now it can be stored at house one until we close on house two. So we hit the house - David had opened the lid of the toilet to see the condition - I posted the picture on Facebook, it is beyond disgusting but does not weirdly smell. It is the ONLY thing in the house that doesn't reek. So David started spraying down the walls in the living room - the nicotine started streaming down, I did the rest and it's amazing how much there is. Everything was originally white apparently, not tan and beige. We changed the locks today too, the former residents - as per the neighbors - were not the fine upstanding citizens we had hoped they would be since we found out from the neighbors they stole the unit for the central air and sold it -you never know who might retain a key. We met some more of the neighbors and everyone seems relieved that David is fixing up the house to resell. I sat out on the front porch while David finished up and mowed the lawn, we'd forgotten to bring masks and gloves - that won't happen twice. What sticky, nasty mess! We didn't do too much after since we were dragging the trailer, just stopped for gas and groceries and headed home. The weather has finally cleared up, this summer I have never seen so much rain! I'm so tired of everything being soggy and wet. David took my car for a wash yesterday - poor thing. I got it back the same day - it turned out to be the transmission needed to be adjusted and re calibrated. A minor fix and thank goodness for that! Dave at the garage said it was just one of those things, he'd also thought the worst too and was equally relieved it was not a major fix. I ended up losing a day of work but I was glad it was last week when we were on low census and I was able to move my patients to  the next day. I'm still working on the knit dress. I finished the hem and am now picking up stitches to begin knitting the skirt part. I still have no clear idea of what I'm doing but I suppose that's half the fun. For the rest of the day I have no plans, just some couch time and hanging with the hooligans. Tomorrow will be Cleaning The House And So Forth, getting ready for Janet and Diane's visit over the holidays. But for now, feet up, coffee to the right, Molly to the left and Candy Crush front and center - I hope you have a good rest of the day too!

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