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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Out You Go

 Today I got rid of about 2 bags of garbage - every once in awhile I'll take a couple trash bags and go through drawers, closets, the basement, etc and just toss the flotsam we  seem to think we need to save. We all tend to save the box of every item we buy like GPS, ereader, etc.. I threw the boxes from both of my ereaders out, an old carrying case for a GPS we no longer have, left over rug padding some UFOs - out out out. We really don't have that much but if you don't go through it once in awhile you can end up with a lot. I stayed home today and got some things done, I swamped out the basement today - with all the issues we've had plus the nonstop rain it's was getting a bit musty down there. Molly and Reuben came down to supervise and I had to chase them off a couple of times since they found the bleach/soap water quite intriguing. Since the only vet available on Sunday is the Emergency vet in Fairmont at a gazillion dollars a visit they got chased up the stairs. We have enough to spend our money on thank you. I also finished the sweater I've been working on. It went pretty fast I think since it was plain knitting with no tricky decreases or increases. The one piece thing was interesting, I've never knitted a sweater like but it was nice not to have to stitch it together at the end. I've skeined up the yarn for the next project which will be a dress, believe it or not. I think it will have to be the extra or small size though, I thought the 2000 yards would be enough but if I make a  medium/large size I'll be running short. I might email the owner of the yarn shop to see if she has one more skein but I think I bought the last one. I have pink yarn that's the right weight but it's wool - this Burgundy is silk. I guess it doesn't matter because I don't intend to wear it and I'm not making for any one  in particular. Like most garments - well, except for this last sweater - I just make it to see if I can then ship it off to whoever might fit it. It's a good system that has worked for quite awhile. I went out and checked what's left of my garden - at this point I'm just trying to salvage something and next year will be moving my base of operations up to the house. Between the sneaky deer, the flooding water and the dogs my garden had no chance this year. I'll get a lot of sunflowers, some zucchini and there a couple of  plants that are unidentified but seem to be wanting to produce something. I just weed around what's left and hope for the best at this point.

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