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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Other Side

 Well after multiple delays, lazy lawyers and other Sundry Events - we closed on the house in Bruceton Mills last week.  David stopped at the Huntington Bank in the  Giant Eagle where we shop and they cheerfully announced they were as excited as he was about the whole thing and that the check had cleared. David does most of his banking there and they get to talking so everyone is following along. But we got through it and did it well - Yahoo! This has been a little bit of an experiment, a big scary one at that. This is the first time we've intentionally bought a house that we were not living in to fix and sell. When we sell the house we're living in it's not as stressful - if it takes awhile it doesn't matter since we live here. We only have to borrow for repairs and the renovation, etc. This we had to borrow the whole shebang, pay for the inspections - every day it sat on the market was a little bit more out of our pockets. But it sold pretty fast and we survived. At the moment David has bids into two houses while scoping more out - it takes awhile to find another project and every one we do we get a little bit better at it. We constantly look for materials - the return and clearance piles at Lowes and Home Depot are good for that. Our advantage is we can buy as we go, squirrelling it away for future reference. We scored on kitchen cabinets today, special order returns so we got $600 worth of cabinets for $136 - they'll be stored until we need them. My work schedule was reduced to four days last week so I have more time to help with that if needed. I'm also planning on taking Molly out more - she is better but still flips out at the sight of strange dogs or people coming towards her. It does not help that she's a pretty and unusual looking dog that people want to pet - she is having none of it. No siree keep your hands to yourself. And take your dog with you while you're getting. We're thinking of going back to LI in the fall and have no idea what we will do with her. Once I take her out a few times we'll hopefully be able to leave her in a kennel over night to see how she does with it, she'll have Reuben with her too. She's a pretty happy camper otherwise, loving the garden and general area. They both love fetching crab apples - I have no idea but it can keep them both occupied for long stretches of times. It's raining again this weekend so I'm working on the sweater - I'm two inches from finishing the second sleeve and reading of course. Still love my Kobo thank you for asking.

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