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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Odds And Ends

 Hump days has turned into us doing odds and ends that we either don't get to or don't have time for during the week. We're at the in between point with the houses, we scanned and emailed the last set of paperwork yesterday so the now we just wait. David got back home yesterday from Ray's having spent an extra day. They had a good time, he did some work on Ray's house - odds and ends - they went out to dinner with Ray's friend Jackie and just hung out. The drive back was a bit tough going, the rain had started - again - when he left NJ so it ended up taking him a couple hours more than it usually does. We had the rain here  too but it hit at 2 am. I know that because it included thunder and Molly decided to have a melt down and do her best impression of the Two AM Girl for me. She knocked down the gate and was running around the bed, stepping on me and getting tangled in the curtains. That made Reuben think it was time to go out (sigh!) and after a brief sojourn in the yard I commenced stuffing Molly in her crate. Once I got her and the requisite biscuits in, the door shut she settled down right away and went to sleep. Boobins and I went back upstairs - he took complete advantage of the situation and hogged the pillows. Needless to say Tuesday was a very long day indeed. Today we just did stuff - I renewed my benefits through work which took an hour. I suppose it usually doesn't take that long  but it was a fun call and the representative has been through here so there was a lot of talking between health questions. I upped some things and left other alone, the one problem with adding things on to your insurance it is really adds up. Fast. Do you want cancer coverage? Disaster? Long term disability? Short term? Life? Dental? Supplemental? Insurance is no longer cut and dry, no longer is there one policy that covers everything and then on top of that  there's the co-pay for everything. And what the insurance actually covers. When I see the glaucoma guy I have to pay $45 co-pay and then cover the $43 my insurance doesn't. However if I had to pay the whole thing it's about $600 so I'll pay the $87 and count my blessings. I have my cancer coverage through Aflac - the problems with these little policies is you're afraid if you cancel them - you'll get cancer and die a broke nasty mess. So it's really superstition I pay for every week and nothing more. I'm on call this weekend so we tried to get the shopping done - hopefully it won't be as bad as the call last week when I ended up out at 10pm one night and 6 am another day. I still hate on call but having Wednesday makes it a little better. A little.

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