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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Running Amok On Humpday

 There were several reasons I reduced my schedule, one was stress as I have mentioned 87 times but the other is David is really rolling along with the house resale thing and my working all the time is stressing HIM out. The check cleared, we paid off most of our debts and bankrolled what was left, now we're getting ready to dive in again. This time around David has decided to buy two lower priced, smaller houses which will be quicker to finish and resell but will keep him scrambling to get them done in a very timely fashion. Unlike just selling a house we have to get rid of it as soon as possible when its finished - every day it sits on the market is another bit of money off our profit margin. We've found a real estate that seems to be fitting our needs so far and they also seem to get  it. We know they don't make a whole  lot on the initial sale - but after David finishes we give them the listing to sell for us - so they can hit it twice. Hello! We don't have time to be chasing people around and David certainly does not have time to be calling someone repeatedly hoping to get one call back. We're done with Howard Hannah for now and Housefinders seems to filling the bill. We're closing on one house in the next couple of weeks and the other one a few weeks from there if it all goes as planned. We headed out this morning to see both houses and take pictures of everything doing the initial planning - one is going to definitely need a BIG fence on one side as Garbageland occupies one side of the house. The other side is the flip side of the coin the Neat-nicks.  There's a lot to do so the other part of the day we spent scoping a little for the best deal for carpet, paint, etc... we also bought a new coffee pot and toaster - living large my friends, living large! We are being careful, we've not been to the Tax People who have a tendency to take everything but a percentage of your underpants. We spent the rest of the afternoon scanning and emailing paperwork - our poor little printer was not meant for such lofty things. In knitting news I have skeined up the yarn but am rethinking the dress. The problem is even if I use the thinnest wool in my collection it will still be, at the end of the day, an ornate heavy wool sleeveless dress. The no sleeves makes it useless for winter and honestly, who wants to wear a wool dress in summer? If I use the yarn that will be perfect - a thin silk yarn which I now have 3000 yards of - the size needles the pattern calls for leaves it looking like a pile of netting and that's BEFORE I block it. If I use the needles that will give it a tight weave the dress will be Barbie sized. SO I'm going to use the dimensions of the dress and reductions but use a different stitch pattern. It should be an adventure. I'm on call for three days, but off for the weekend. David is heading out to NJ to visit Ray on Friday - it will be before he has to get started on the houses and in between my on calls days - hopefully it won't rain too much. We had yet another thunderstorm, Molly has made peace with that. She is fine in her crate with the door shut, snuggled in her blankets until the storm passes. The other thing we bought was dog beds. We bought a giant one that surprise surprise! Reuben didn't destroy and it was big enough for both of them. However that was our opinion, not Molly who parks her bad self right in the middle, peeking over the edge at Reuben The Unwanted. Sigh, so we now have our own little trailer park going of dog beds outside the bedroom door.

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