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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stalling and Starting

 SO - I was going to knit the dress in the latest Vogue. I've never knit a dress so it would be something new - and it would be a pretty big project. First I decided I couldn't knit it in wool as previously discussed and will be making it out of silk. This changes the dynamics because silk is not stretchy and nor is it something you can block. I have to knit it on size two needles - and of course I didn't have size two circular needles so back to the yarn shop in Morgantown. I need to reconfigure the amount of stitches and rows due to the decrease in needle size and since I"m doing all of that that, I don't really like the pattern they use. Too complicated and and too confusing. So I got out my stitch pattern books and found the ones I like. While I'm changing the skirt part I decided to change up the top so it is not the same dress anymore, is it? So, we'll see what happens. David went to NJ on Friday morning to stay with Ray for a few days, when I called to relay a message they were happily sitting down to dinner at the Stack House, Ray's favorite restaurant. The rain finally cleared up the other day but the yard is a squelchy mess, my garden goes with out saying. I pulled up the giant weeds today - at least they are growing well. At this point I'm just clearing around the little that's left and will just give it up as a bad job. Whatever the deer didn't decimate rotted from all the rain we have been getting. I didn't do too much this weekend, just hung out with the dogs and did a little grocery shopping. Adam has bought a laser pointer to drive the dogs crazy. They LOVE it and will chase the dot around for a long time. They harass him endlessly now to play with it, smiling and staring at him in what they perceive as a friendly manner. I had all these things I was going to do this weekend

but all I really ended up was doing playing with the dogs, knitting and reading. Not a bad life, is it?

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