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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

We're making no progress in the fear aggression department but we've been getting plenty of exercise, sigh. Peal and I went to Cooper's state park to hike today. First we went to the Rock City, it was really hard to take pictures because of overhanging rocks and a canopy of trees - I tried so hard because it was amazing! The paths went between these huge rock walls about 20 or 30 feet high on both sides. The path actually went beyond there but I was afraid of getting lost so we turned back. The difference between state parks on LI and state parks in WV are thousands of acres. On LI if you got lost in Sears Bellows Park you would pop out on the highway. Here if you get lost you'll pop out in Oregon or something. We hiked back to the park and I changed into shorts since it was getting warm out. Pearl doesn't like the bathroom either and I was changing fast because I figured someone would think I was beating her the way she was carrying on. Given the mad way she's been barking at people she would be stuck between a rock and a hard place if someone did come to rescue her, wouldn't she? We drove down to the trail for Raven's Rock and parked. First we ran into two teenage boys that we barked and freaked at. Then we ran into thier parents that she barked and freaked at but they wouldn't be put off and Pearl made friends despite her bizarre activities. Raven's rock was a couple of miles and first we saw a huge rock, but disappointing. Then we went a tiny bit further and it was HOLY SHIT time. You would have to see it to really appreciate the view, I stayed about 20 feet from the edge and my knees still wanted to buckle. And like most other places in WV they assume you'll stick to whatever rock you're standing on and not go flinging off the edge. Pearl sensing the party standing behind her was entertaining thoughts of puppy flinging wisely decided to start hiking back NOW. My legs are already aching and I'm sure I'll be paying for it tomorrow but I'm also sure we'll be back to explore the rest of the park.

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