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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us

I had a rather happy half day the other day - I was back in Bobtown Pa. Not the most happening place I have to admit, unless you want to shop at the BobTown QuikMart or get your hair done in at Sherril's House Of Beauty which is conveniently located in a single wide next to the above mentioned store. BUT I did get to go back and finish trespassing at the Shinnopin Mining Corperation. I went all the way to the back, I have to admit  I was a bit spooked - I guess all those big empty buildings are a bit daunting. It's a shame how all of them have been trashed over the years, the exteriors are all brick and amazingly well preserved, but the interiors have been looted and ransacked by vandals. When I got to the last one way in the back I saw some food wrappers and cans, but the gallon of water sort of threw me - very few teenagers bring water to hang out. So I scadaddled. Charger is still sneezing but we're giving him the pills anyhow - $60 prescription for the dog he'd better take them! They usually do a follow-up call to see how your pet is doing, but I think they won't be calling here since I left in the middle of his appointment yesterday. Jackson is busy these days, he had a problem in english - when he looked on Edline (that's the schools online page where you can check your grades) he saw he had a D. So he arranged a conference and brought in all his paper work and the teacher has changed his grade to a B - we're really proud of him for taking care of it himself!

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