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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On The Road To Recovery

Pearl and I took an evening walk along the river - and we did great! Not only did she not have any aggression incidents, she's now getting to the point of going toward people to meet them. Now we have the other problem, the Vizsla Full Body Greeting which involves a great deal of jumping and spinning. We still  have work to do - Pearl doesn't like other dogs besides Charger and she especially doesn't like small toy dogs. As we were coming back from our walk I could see a family with the preteen boy walking what appeared to be a snarling hairball. Pearl started growling and bouncing so I did what I usually do which is grab the back of her harness and give it a little shake and say "No Barking!". Unfortunately for the yarn tangle with eyes I accidently hit the release of the harness and Pearl The Snake was out! She's VERY fast, have I ever mentioned that? She circled around the back but allowed me to get ahold of her collar - thank goodness as we can't afford for her to have such an expensive meal this month! And like most genetically altered Hamster/Dogs this one was no exception and obviously had never been acquainted with the NO BARKING rule. I managed to stuff Weasel-ine back into her shackles and we got by without incident. Tomorrow I'm off to Pittsburgh for an inservice so that should be interesting as I've never been there. And I've started getting ready for Ray's visit, we are so excited!

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