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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No News Is Good News

I guess I should take a break from pictures of Pearl - but it's been crappy weather-wise so there's not much to take pictures of. David is finishing up a large job today and doing a couple more small ones, this small job business seems to be working out for him. My job has been going alright for the past couple of days and I'm almost sleeping through the entire night. I'm also exercising in the morning and that helps reduce the stress level. I've been walking on the river trail every morning, I have to drop Jackson off at MTech around 7:20 am and that gives me an hour before I have to show up for work. So I walk the trail every morning, it certainly beats sitting in the car. I've heard from Adam a few  times, not much going on in Japan and he seems to be doing much better. And now for the National Week report:

This week is National: Pollution Prevention Week, Singles Week, Dog Week, Handwashing Awareness Week, Spa Week, Recess Week and National Be Nice To Nettles Week.

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