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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pittsburgh, It's A Happening Town.........

.........and it can happen without me! I saw very little of it, had no desire to see anymore. Of course to be fair, we had to be there at 8:30 am so Lisa (the other nurse) and  I met at 6:15 at the office to drive together. I drove and was very glad I had a GPS - when you're rushing in pouring rain it's awful to have to drive in unfamilar territory. The conference was fun and better yet - they gave you lunch. When they don't it sucks since you only have 45 minutes to try and navigate to find somewhere to eat and be able to find your way back. They let us out a bit early so I was home before 6. I had my half day yesterday and was rushing through as Ray was coming and due around 2pm. When he didn't appear by 4 we were starting to get really worried. He refuses to carry a cell phone so we couldn't contact him - I had no idea what we would do as I didn't know his exact route either. Thankfully at 4:30 he arrived, they're doing construction in NJ and there were 3 accidents in PA which was the big holdup. I made him coffee and then we went out to Tiberio's, a family run italian restuarant which we enjoy. This morning is the Buckwheat Festival which should be great! I actually had bought Ray a bag of buckwheat flour but Miss Thing found it and stole it. Since she didn't consider it edible she just flung it around a bit. Last night when we came home we found a small pile of nails, a utility knife blade and duct tape in the living room on the floor. David said he's starting to worry about Charger's safety and what Pearl is plotting. We have no idea where she got that stuff or how she managed not hurt herself with it. We'll just have to make sure EVEYRYTHING is up by the ceiling. Sigh, and to think we PAID for her!!

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