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Saturday, September 2, 2006

And Now For The Yarn Part Of The Program

My latest project is coming along as slow as molasses in January due to needle size. Usually blankets are knit on a size 8 to 10 needle - this is done on a size THREE which means I'll probably be nursing home material before it's finished. And I had to buy the needles special because the cable between them had to be a 40 inch span (as opposed to the regular 26) due to size of the blanket. I did finish the sweater which is a cotton yarn, I'm not sure of course what I'm going to do with it, which tends to be the case with just about everything I make. I just like knitting and if there's no specific goal in mind I can use whatever yarn I want and make what ever looks appealing at the moment. I'll have plenty of time over the weekend to knit on it though, I'm off on Monday (hooray!) and there are two things going on. One is the stinking rain. The other is The Thundering Herd is here this weekend from Marshall University - it's not as big as the Backyard Brawl (that would be when Pittsburgh comes to play)but it's up there. Apparently the Mountineers are planning on stomping them, I'm assuming the Thundering Herd has similar plans. But what this all means to us non-football fans is it makes a mess out of town and don't even think of trying to get through it. We're planning on shopping out of town today - Jackson has a change of fashion and is now wanting Levi jeans with of course a hundred little specifications and thing he will not wear. He's also informed he he will be growing a full beard and moustache which should be interesting since he's A)only 16 and B) very blond. I asked him if he was going to grow a beard like ZZTop and he said "who?". Sigh. I am so old.

National Week, Sept 4th - It will be National: Payroll Week, Suicide Prevention Week, Hearing Aid Awareness, Bowling Week, Breastfeeding At Work Week and my favorite, National Red Light Running Week. Stay well and don't get caught!

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