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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Object Of My Infection

Yesterday I went home for lunch to let the dogs out - I hate for them to be in for 9 hours so if I have any patients near I try to schedule them for midday. Charger has been sneezing for the past couple days and I 'd planned on making an appointment today (my half day) - but when I got home he sneezed a few times and there was blood all over his muzzle. Since we 've been through the midnight thing  I called the vet and got an appointment  after 6pm - with the new vet. I should've waited. Not that he's a bad vet - just new and has no time management. We arrived at 6:10 - and waited. And waited. Around 6:45 we got into a room and the new vet came in a bit after. They did the usual but he was so busy I don't think he heard anything I said - the only funny part was when he tried to look into Charger's (aka "Lockjaw's") mouth - the more he pulled the more Charger clamped his teeth together until  he looked like a prissy school teacher. The vet said I guess I won't be able to look so I just reached around and opened Charger's mouth for him, sigh. So he did blood work and said it would be resulted in a few minutes - hmm. I have NEVER waited for bloodwork but I thought it would be done soon. silly me. At 7:40 I got up and took Charger to the front desk to pay my bill - it's not like he's dying and we could certainly wait til tomorrow. when the vet tech came out  I asked for my bill and she got very upset -I told her I was aware they were very busy and I 'd call for the results tomorrow but at this point I'd been there for almost two hours!! and he still wasn't done. And she was argued with me! Then she assured me he would be right out - and disappeared for another 15 minutes. Sigh. She appeared back with meds in hand - Charger's white count was up so he THINKS it MIGHT be an infection. (Insert a very big sigh here). All I know is I sat for over two hours to get a guess and the whole thing cost me $193 for a dog with a bloody nose.

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