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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breakfast At Tiffanys

We did watch Breakfast At Tiffany's the other day - I didn't watch it because it was a classic, or it had Audrey Hepburn - and it had surprisingly little to do with Tiffany's. I watched because it was made in 1961 which would be the year I was born. It was hilarious watching Holly Golightly who was a kept woman - sort of. There was no actual sex for either of the main characters, but it was inferred throughout the movie. We did not like the part where she put the cat out of the taxi (can you ride around NYC taxi with a loose cat??), not to mention anyone that has had a colonoscopy will not associate GoLightly with a NY socialite. Although I suppose both will keep you on your toes! This of course has gotten me musing - I will be 49 in April this year - 20 years ago I would have considered that old, now I've moved my sights up to what I consider old. I'm guessing when I'm 80 I'll be glad I'm not old like all those ninety year olds. The thing I always loved about my very geriatric patients were when they would talk about their pasts - being raised in mountain family, coal mining camps - and I then came to the conclusion - I am getting to that age. Because I can remember Nixon, the first president to be impeached, Title Nine, landing on the moon. A TV with 3 channels and an antenna you had to spin outside while someone sat in yelling A LITTLE MORE, A LITTLE MORE, THAT'S..... TURN IT BACK. The first video game system that we played endlessly (Pong) and though we were so space age. We did have a rotory phone and the microwave was the size of a small washer - did you know this year the microwave has been around for 60 years? I can't believe it either. I can still remember my Aunt Karen wowing us with her first microwaved Thanksgiving Turkey, cooked but ghosty white. Of course there were the other things that were not so good - the Vietnam war, Agent Orange, DDT but I suppose every generation takes the good with the bad. And I guess movie wise, the film was grainy, the outfits were overdone and the acting was certainly no where near real - but I have to say I enjoyed it. The idea of being in NY and doing whatever you want, not to mention that enormous black hat with the trailing yellow ribbon - it made you kind of wish the still made movies like that.

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Donna said...

I got my first microwave in the late '70's after going back to work. My teenagers kept that thing going constantly.