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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Changing Of The Guard

My CRV has been starting to fail for awhile now - between the high mileage and the suspicious sounds the transmission has been making, it was time for a newer model. We'd started hunting around a few weeks ago, even though I'm sure I would've gotten a couple more months, I didn't want to wait until something blew and I HAD to buy right then and there. You get a better deal if you retain ability to walk off the car lot if there's no good deal being offered. So David went sifting through the used cars, you name it - he looked at it. We always buy a couple years used, cars depreciate so fast it's just not worth the extra money. I think I bought a new car once, that was enough for me - I drive like crazy so when I had to trade it in a year or so later, I wasn't even in Blue Book Range for a trade in. I got another CRV - given the fact I bought mine used and I put 170,000 hard miles on it, drive over hill and dale with only minor repairs, well, I just couldn't find anything I liked better. At the moment I've taken it out a couple of times, I have to do visits this weekend (what else is new??) which leads me to the next issue. I'm the only one that can do pediatrics and it's like being teased - I miss doing visits and I really miss the kids. Which is kind of odd because everyone knows I don't like kids. But I enjoy peds, go figure that one out. So I am once again sitting back and contemplating, with Vincent the Cat peering at me as if he's trying to help me figure it out. He's actually trying to figure out if there will be anymore cat treats in the offering today, but it's pretty much the same concerned face, so I'll do my own interpretation. Sometimes I just don't know if I'm cut out for management, sometimes I know I am. I guess it just depends on the day and how tired I am.

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