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Friday, January 8, 2010

La Boy

A good time was had by all in New Jersey as you can see by the pictures. The train thing certainly has it's advantages. We made the reservation for the return trip from Parkesburg which is where Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane live, he's not able to visit everyone with his short stay, but at least with the train thing we can arrange to go see some people. The only thing that's worrying of course is the weather this time of year, it snowed a bit last night and I see they are talking snow again tomorrow, but it's not predicted a lot. I'm renting a car, it's not a very long trip but with the age of my car, the weather and David being sick we decided it was better to bite the bullet and rent than face my possibly breaking down and being stuck a hundred miles away. Adam and I had a good time yesterday, we went out to eat breakfast and then hit the stores. We bought some DVDs and watched Coraline after dinner - I was a little shocked as it is supposed to appropriate for children but it's a pretty dark movie. Especially the part about pulling out your eyes and sewing in buttons. We also heard from Jackson - he's still in port but not for long I think. He's been having dental issues, he seems to have inherited my teeth so he sees a lot of the dentist these days. Adam dodged that bullet - 26 years old and has never had a cavity. But overall, everyone seems to be doing well. Vincent the cat has become a House Cat these days, he went out a few days ago, huddled by the side of the house and then shot back in as soon as the door opened. He had to sit in the cabinet for a little while to get over it and that was the end of that, I think until April it's litter pans and the couch for him.

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