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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now For The Second Half.

You might have noticed at some point that when I put up pictures of the house, it's only one floor. The upstairs was far worse than the downstairs - after we got rid of the carpet downstairs and David washed down the walls - there really wasn't an odor at all. And aside from being outdated, it was in pretty good condition overall. I wonder if the previous occupant didn't stay downstairs and let the cats have the upper level - if you had to heat with a kerosene heater you can shut off a livable area down there and given the black soot that came off the ceiling, I might be right. This weekend I took a bucket of hot water with Murphy's Oil Soap and had at the paneling. I just wish I'd taken a before picture - it took a couple of buckets and a lot of elbow grease but the paneling perked up immediately and after I got that layer of dirt and soot off of it - it looks probably like it did the day it went up. We're going to keep it, it's REAL wood, not the plastic or pressed paneling. I threw out a black trash bag of junk and vacuumed, all of the flotsam is still here and there, plus the exercise equipment but you can walk around down there now. The other half where the bar was David has put up a door and taken down the walls in there, reconfiguring the entire area, that will have to wait until spring. We kept the second small bedroom and that will eventually be another guest bedroom - the main reason we're keeping it if for resale value of course, a 3 bedroom is much more saleable than a 2 bedroom, even if that 3rd bedroom is more suitable to hamster than a human. Work has hit high gear, we're having our first internal audit - as of the end of February I will be there a year - so everyone is hysterical and running around. The charts a disaster, we're VERY short staffed but I'm just getting through this part of the program before sitting down and figuring out whether I'm really a good manager or if I'd like to go back and be a visit nurse. Because we've been short staffed I've had to start doing patients again - and I miss it. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I had a group to manage and I feel comfortable again. I know part of it is in times of stress we head back to our comfort zone, where we know what we're doing and have confidence in it. So I'm putting that on the back burner for now and just getting through this part of week.

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