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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inside Is The Place To Be

Vincent has been charmingly occupying the top of the microwave - he has a clear view of the Great Outdoors, yet none of the discomfort actually going outside might bring. He has done a few trials runs but on the whole prefers to stay in until May or so. Pearl doesn't care and will stay out in the freezing temps until one of you dies - and it will be you as she's so busy crazy running she never gets cold. I am more tired of the dark than anything else. Since I get up super early I have time in the morning to read a bit, I unearthed my book light a couple of weeks ago. That way when Miss Pants is busy doing her Squirrel Patrol I can sit on the stone wall and read (I'm reading Stephen King presently) - but even that gets a bit tiresome as I have to adjust that tiny circle of light constantly as it doesn't quite cover both pages. But it works and that's all that matters. I have to get over to the drug store today sometime - I've been having a reaction to the Murphy's Oil Soap - my hands are still red, itchy and blistered after a week - Dermarest helps a lot but I ran out of it last night. I'm still trying to get the charts done for the audit, even that has become a forced march because the office continues to be crazy busy - I keep telling myself two more weeks. I'm going into the office to do half a day today - I don't want to, but I will as it will make it easier next week. I just can't do it while the phones are ringing and I'm dealing with this, that and everything else that comes down the pike. Another week like last week and I might ask Vincent to push over so I can sit on the microwave and watch the Great Outdoors from my safe and quiet perch.

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